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Compared to the traditional ways of print media, online PR campaigns are a much more effective and productive means by which to circulate news or events about your business, but you need to be wise enough to know how to use this online marketing tool successfully. There are a few things to consider when involved in Press Release marketing.

Target your PR: Targeting the right people is important for making the campaign an effective one. Respective of the campaign do some sensible and useful research to find out the type of audience and the sites they visit most often. This targeted kind of marketing is typically the most effective as it caters the message to the correct audience and users. There are now many options to target very specific niche sites or interests.

Send to your Social Media channels: If you want to get more traffic and exposure for your  campaign, you can notify or share your release with Facebook groups, Twitter and other networks to make your social profile more visible.

Approach Media and Journalists: Get exposure in sites or by people who look out for rich and informative content, especially news on new company offerings, promotions, or new and unique takes on a topic of interest. Post quality content to those sites which would obviously link to your campaign or website, hence increasing the optons to pull immense web traffic or to gather important links back to your site. One good targeted release, sent directly to a journalists inbox could have great results and may lead to further discussion or interviews.

Integrate your PR into your site: Put your valuable time and effort to use and make your website or WordPress blog more attractive and sticky by adding and news or press release section to your site. Don’t you know search engines love regular updates?

Tracking and Analytics: Tracking a campaign is critical to help determine whether it was a success or not. Good systems and services can track many things such as how many opens, reads, clicks, pickups, send to a friends.

Great Press Release marketing can make a big difference. Contact us to see how our large network and direct Journalist contacts can help grow your site traffic and publicity.