Many large corporations and companies know the importance of SEO (search engine optimization) and they respect the return on investment. However, small businesses do not always grasp the need for SEO and still rely solely on referrals and “word of mouth”. Although many local companies feel that they do not have the budget to implement or contract out an advertising company, there are more affordable options available. The most affordable, yet effective, form of optimization is called “Organic SEO”.

Here are the 5 reasons why Organic SEO should be strongly considered if you have a local or small business:

  1. SEO is Affordable : Compared to other internet marketing campaigns  such as “pay per click” , social media marketing, email campaigns and local advertising posts, SEO has a fairly high return on investment.
  2. Allows for Budgeting: You can budget what you spend. There are no hidden fees or added “extras” that you have to worry about.  For a monthly fee you can contract an advertising company to douse the internet with your product content/services, links, business address and website. You do not need to do anything else but watch the business grow.
  3. Moves you Forward: Make no mistake about it, your competitors are already doing this. If you are not moving ahead with the wave of technology, you will be pulled out to sea, where no one will see you. Organic SEO can bring you ahead of the competition in ways that you never expected.
  4. Updates your Web Design and Content:– Google and other search engines are always changing the way that they look at websites. One of the biggest mistakes made is creating a website then never adding content to it again. Failing to build upon the foundation of your site over the course of months and even years could actually damage your business profile. Search engines such as Google specifically look for relevancy and updated content when evaluating your ranking.
  5. Search Engines are directing traffic – It is estimated that approximately 85-90% of customers rely on review sites prior to making a purchase or scheduling an appointment. It will not be long before everyone does all of their searches entirely online. Here is the golden question: “Will potential customers be able to find you?” Without a solid organic SEO campaign in place, local searches and phone number indexes will direct customers to your competition instead of to you.


It has never been more important than now to invest in Organic SEO. If you want your local or small business to stay ahead of the curve, then it is time to research and implement your strategy. Creating an online presence does not happen on its own or with a basic web site, it is fed and groomed over the course of time.

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