Special Offers

Yes, providing special offers can be considered a tool. In fact, shoppers are more likely to purchase from a retail store/business that offers discounts and specials. Anyone is more inclined to make a purchase from a business where the consumer thinks he or she is getting the best deal in town. If there’s any business owners reading this and have never offered specials, do so right away. This is what will help any business stand out from the competitors and create the repeat shoppers. Creating special offers can also help a business get rid of end of life products, be the place to get the hot item, and even spark viral business. Everyone gets call from friends or family about good deals on products. The business that they are talking about will prosper over the competition without a doubt.

Live Chat Tool

purpose lead conversionRecently, many businesses have come to their senses and have implemented a live chat on their website. WHY? It helps with conversion! This tool will provide the answers to any questions potential buyers have since they will be chatting with a representative of the business. A chat system is very easy to implement on a website. Majority of them, you just add some coding to the website and have a dashboard to login to via the web. In the dashboard one can then see all the visitors on the site, send custom messages, see repeat visitors, and answer any inquiries.

A big market that has these chat tools is the automotive field. Ask any dealership that has a live chat tool on their website just how well it works to get consumers in their door.

Quick Contact Form

If a business does not have a way for website visitors to contact them directly through their website then they are losing business. Believe it or not, but majority of the time individuals that are browsing a website are at work. At the time they aren’t able to pick up the phone and call for the products or services they are seeking. These people are able to simply fill out a form on a website and therefore, the lead is not lost. Another benefit is that this will hide a business email address. From experience, listing a business email on a website is a terrible idea. Many website crawlers exist that harvest email address and then send spam. Depending on what type of platform a website is designed will be how hard it is to implement a contact form. A normal site that has PHP functions can easily code a form or better yet if a site is designed in WordPress or Joomla, a plugin can be easily installed.